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"I went 10 years without a ticket, then one day I was driving down a road not even looking at the speedometer. All of a sudden a CHP Officer pulled me over. I got a traffic ticket but I was going with the 'flow of traffic' and was in between two cars going the same speed! Why was I singled out? I met a friend & he taught me insider secrets to fight and beat ANY traffic ticket! He had beaten 14 straight traffic tickets. I had my case dismissed after following his steps. Man, did I feel EMPOWERED!"

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Knowing insider court procedures gives you all the secrets you need to get your dismissal. Going to court is scary. Been there done that. Where I went my last time (Marin County) they would call up 5 people at a time to speed up the plea and collect payments. Man, it would be scary if you did not have our tools!

Now I have gone several times to study the courts and the system. You will normally see 35 to 50 people at each sitting for a 1 to 2 hour Traffic Court session. Yes, they go through 50 people in 1 hour sometimes and generate TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS or more in one sitting. And you tell me they are not Revenue Generating?! It's almost like a scam you feel railroaded!
"I used CA Ticket Busters system and Beat 14 tickets from speeding & radar tickets to fix-it tickets! I would have lost my license and paid over $4000 in one year if I had not found CA Ticket Busters. The best thing was I did not have to argue the case against the cop in court and I have no marks or points on my record!"

Elias, Cotati, Ca.
Everybody else on the internet is try to sell you on how to beat a ticket by ARGUING THE FACTS OR THE TRAFFIC TICKET such as:
  • the radar gun was not calibrated
  • or trying to go to court when the officer is on vacation (so you hope he will not show up)
  • or to ask for forgiveness or understanding and hopefully they will not charge you for the traffic ticket or all of the fine.

Don't kid yourself! Normally when you ask for help the Judge says to turn around and see the court. If he gives you help, he will have to give it to everybody else. Of course you do not get understanding from a Judge!

We Don't Argue the Facts or the Traffic Ticket, We Use the Rules of the Court and the Court Procedures!

It is Your ONLY GUARANTEED way to WIN.

Others on the internet have a service that will charge you for trying a written appea and several postponements. Of course they will guarantee their results, and if it doesn't work then they will give you a portion of your money back. Don't be fooled by them!

We are the only one who will give you the info straight right out of the legal court books.  You can also visit our CATicketBusters blog for more information.  It's there for you now; but you don't have a clue on where to look or how to find it, or more importantly - what to do when you do find it! I've spent hundreds of dollars for:

  • The California Civil Code
  • The California Criminal Code
  • The California Vehicle Code
  • The California Penal Code
  • Blacks Law Dictionary
  • The Uniform Vehicle Code
  • The California Court Procedures

AND I have spent months reading the information and then testing it in court perfecting my system. I needed to know what I was doing, I needed to know my rights and so do you but without you having to put in all of the hours and money that I did. And the people I have helped have WON their cases every single time.

We all used CATicketBusters.com

and beat our tickets!:

Red Light Ticket

Seat Belt Ticket

Stop Sign Ticket

Drunk in Public

Commuter Lane Ticket

Cell Phone Ticket
We give you all the tools and fill your tool box with them! Now you can dance with the best of them. When you use our tools, we teach you what to do and what to say for your Court Appearance. You get a simple step-by-step playbook on exactly how and what to do every time and it works!

Don't get emotional or upset because with calm determination and confidence that we provide, you can win your case without every having the officer ever appearing in court! The last thing the Judge wants is for you to use his rules and laws and how they apply for your benefit. He wants the momentum of everybody coming up and pleading guilty and not you stopping the legal system. He does NOT want others to know how you won and beat him at his own game.

Man - Do you know how good it feels to be able to talk with authority about your RIGHTS? Don't get a fish for a day, let www.caticketbusters.com teach you how to fish forever!

If you argue the traffic ticket; it's the officer's word against yours! He the professional and does it full time-5 days a week. The Judge and the Officer know each other from several court appearances. The court knows you're just trying to get out of paying your fine. His experience against your trying to get out of paying means YOU LOSE!!

But! If you use the courts own procedures against itself, you will get your offense dismissed. Rules of the court are Rules of the court. Hell, its their rules. You didn't make them up, you're playing their game and YOU WILL WIN using our system!
The Court, Judge and Cop won't like it but they don't have a choice. It's their own rules. They will hold you to the letter of the law, and say with disdain what you are using against them is a technicality!

Are your rights a Technicality??!! Remember: the courts made the rules - we are holding them accountable for THEIR rules. Hold their feet to the fire!

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Its not only for traffic tickets, its for any Municipal ticket or infraction. We've helped people who were cited for:
  • a skater not having a helmet in a skate park - THEY WON
  • a hunter cited for hunting with a standard shotgun by the Dept Fish and Game - THEY WON
  • a person who cited for being drunk in public - THEY WON
  • and numerous other stories of people who are winning everyday using our system!
"I used CA Ticket Busters system and it was Fast, Simple and I WON my case without having to read through hours of information and file a bunch of papers and HOPE it worked. CA Ticket Busters gave me a blow-by-blow playbook that laid it all out for me. CA Ticket Busters was Short, Sweet and to the point. The proof came when I WON"

Damon Lesjack, Healdsburg, Ca.
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All of the Easy-to-Fill-Out Special Forms that Allow you to Get Your Ticket Dismissed
  • Requests to court info for filing
  • Forms required for requests
  • What forms & where and when to file
Training Videos of EXACTLY what the courts will ask and what your short and simple written responses will be
  • Videos on what to say in court
  • Videos on how to beat several different types of tickets
  • Videos on court etiquette & language to use
The Exact Code Sections written in plain English and made into a simple to use checklist - no more wading through a bunch of codes (like the other guys give you).
  • The California Civil Code
  • The California Criminal Code
  • The California Vehicle Code
  • The California Penal Code
  • The California Court Procedures


Actual Court audio as someone is BEATING their ticket using our system. You can hear how SIMPLE it is.
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California Judges Bench guide - so you know exactly how they will rule in every case and how to beat it (this is for those that want more information for all types of infractions)
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This is your last chance to not only beat your traffic ticket but learn how to beat the system guaranteed!

This system works for every administrative or infraction case such as:

  • Drunk in public
  • All Speeding Violations
  • Fish and Game Citations
  • Red Light Camera Tickets
  • Seat Belt Tickets
  • Cell Phone Tickets
  • Commuter Lane Tickets
  • Skate Park Infractions (all types)
  • Stop Sign Tickets
  • Crossing Over Double Yellow Tickets
  • Following Too Close Tickets
  • Fix-it Tickets
  • Driving Without a License Tickets
  • Driving on a Suspended License Ticket
  • Improper Passing Tickets
  • Motorcycle Tickets

Questions?  Contact Us at service@caticketbusters.com